American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet

Clean, safe filtered water at the push of a button

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  • Reduces lead, chlorine and Class 1 particulates*
  • Easy-install filter with convenient above-counter access
  • LED indicator tells you when the filter needs changing


American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet is independently certified to:*

  • Reduce 99.7% of lead
  • Reduce 96.9% of chlorine
  • Reduce 92.6% of class I particulates

*based on NSF / ANSI 42 & 53 standards @ 6.5pH


  • Engineered to ensure safety and confidence in water quality
  • LED indicator lets you know when filter needs changing
  • Two waterways separate filtered water from tap water


  • Instant, clean filtered water at the push of a button
  • Eliminates pitchers, plastic bottle storage and recycling
  • Easy install filter installs in countertop or on inside cabinet wall


  • One of our filters provides the same amount of clean drinking water as 2,795 16.9oz plastic water bottles 
  • Reduces the production and use of plastic bottles


Rigorous Testing has proven the effective reduction of harmful impurities.

The presence of lead in drinking water is a serious public health issue and concern for many Americans. In addition, chlorine and small particulates in water result in an unpleasant taste. To help address these issues, American Standard developed the Filtered Kitchen Faucet, engineered to make everyday life better.  

Certified by NSF / ANSI to meet their rigid standards for safely reducing lead, chlorine, and class 1 particulates.   It has been independently tested and proven to reduce:

Lead by 99.7%*

Chlorine by 96.9%*

Class 1 particulate contamination by 92.6%.*   

Two separate waterways, one for filtered cold water and one for unfiltered tap water, channel the flow to eliminate mixing and ensure the safety of the water you drink.

LED indicator alerts you to remaining life of both the filter and battery. These visual signals reassure you that the filter is delivering clean, safe drinking water. When the indicator turns red, the filter needs replacement.

Health-Conscious Engineering ensures consistently clean water consumption.


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Innovative Design incorporates features not found on other filtered faucets.

Smaller than most, the filter can be installed for easy access above deck at countertop level, or below deck on the inside cabinet wall where its compact size won’t infringe on storage space.  

Eliminates bulky faucet-mounted filters, large refillable pitchers, plastic bottles to store, and home delivery of water jugs.

Enjoy push-button access to filtered water, easy filter replacement, and sleek styling to accent your kitchen.

Earth-Friendly Alternative instantly reduces reliance on plastic water bottles.


What’s your environmental footprint?  Reduce it today with an American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet and say goodbye to plastic water bottles and home water delivery forever.

Worldwide, the use of plastic drinking bottles has created numbers worth knowing.

  • 1 MILLION are purchased every minute  
  • 583 BILLION will be sold by 2021
  • 450 YEARS for just one to decompose    
  • Only 23% are recycled in the US
  • 12.7 MILLION tons of plastic waste are washed into the oceans, every year

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American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet

American Standard Replacement Filter

Simple Filter Quality Indicator

LED indicator lets you know when it’s time to change your faucet’s filter or battery

Contemporary Design

A sleek, smart addition to today’s kitchen in your choice of Polished Chrome or Stainless Steel.

Easy-Access Filter

Compact design installs above deck at countertop level or below deck on inside cabinet wall.

Two Waterways

Two separate channels direct water flow so filtered and unfiltered water will never mix.

Pull-Down Dual Spray Head

Convenient toggle on spray head lets you easily switch from stream to a powerful spray.

Proven Results

Tests have proven 99.7% reduction of lead*  while improving taste and odors.

*based on NSF / ANSI 42 & 53 standards @ 6.5pH

Drip-Free Performance

Equipped with high-quality ceramic disc valve for dependable, drip-free operation.


Limited Lifetime Warranty is your assurance of quality design and performance.

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*based on NSF / ANSI 42 & 53 standards @ 6.5pH

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Finally, Filtered Water For Our Family!

Right off we noticed how much quality went into this Faucet... We also love having an additional water filtration unit that is incorporated into the Faucet! It was always such a pain having to go to the fridge to get filtered water we needed for Coffee, drinking and cooking... No More!
We Absolutely Love Everything About This Faucet And You Will Also...
Thanks American Standard!!

- Frank1200

Elegant Design and Impressive Quality

This Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet is one of the best looking and feeling kitchen faucets I have seen and used. Installation is simple and straight forward, more so than cheaper alternatives. It is very tall to fill up pots and jugs or to reach to clean something, and the action of the pull-down spray handle is very easy and comfortable in the hand.

- OranB

Excellent faucet

This thing is worth every penny. It's a very well built heavy metal faucet... It has a high gooseneck so it's easy to fit larger pots and pans in the sink. The pull out sprayer has plenty of hose to reach the sink without splashing everywhere. The filtered water feature is great. My city has very good water and with this filter it's just as good as bottled water.

- noname6184


2020 American Standard Brand

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