American Standard Filtered 

Hand Shower System

Upgrade your shower to a healthier experience with less chlorine.

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Reduces chlorine for healthier skin and hair

Certified by NSF 177 for 50% reduction of free chlorine*

*Based on NSF 177 standard


Installs in minutes using existing plumbing

Easy-access filter is mounted in rail system


AquaToggle to switch between four spray functions

Hand shower holder adjusts for height and angle


Independently Tested: Proven to reduce free chlorine in shower water.

The presence of chlorine in water deprives your body of natural oils it needs, potentially leading to dry, itchy skin and dull hair.  American Standard Filtered Shower System reduces chlorine in your shower by at least 50% to help you have more beautiful skin and hair.*

Certified by NSF 42 and 177 Standards for 50% reduction of free chlorine and its odor. NSF is a trusted, independent organization founded to protect and improve global human health by testing, auditing and certifying products as meeting public health standards.
*Based on NSF 177 standard

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Essential to well-being and so easy to install using existing plumbing and waterproof adhesive.

Easy install filter is located in the front of the rail system for your convenience.  It filters 5,000 gallons of water, or lasts approximately 4 months depending on usage*

*Assumes average of 17 gallons of water per shower at 2 showers per day

Thoughtfully Designed: No major renovations or damage to your wall.


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Satisfy the senses with four filtered spray functions: Drench, Sensitive, PowerWash and Massage.  Innovative AquaToggle lever lets you switch between sprays with one-handed ease.

Sleek rail system features an easy-glide hand shower holder that adjusts to ensure the exact height and spray angle you need for the perfect showering experience.

Engineered to Enjoy: Includes four refreshing sprays and adjustable height and angle for comfortable use.




Refreshing deluge for complete coverage

A soft, gentle, relaxing sensation


Invigorating, post-workout relief


Targeted, pulsating stress reliever


Designed to Enhance, invigorate, soothe and improve well-being with every shower.

Quick-Change Filter

Conveniently located for easy access, replacement, and an unobstructed design aesthetic.


Conveniently located lever to easily switch between four spray functions with one hand.

Retrofit Rail System

Uses existing plumbing, eliminating the need to drill holes or damage shower walls, saving time and expense.

Easy-Glide Holder

Adjust hand shower height and angle of spray to satisfy every showering preference.

Two Beautiful Finishes

Available in Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel to coordinate with every bathroom design.

WaterSense Certified

1.8gpm flow, designed to use 28% less water without sacrificing performance.


Limited Lifetime Warranty is your assurance of quality design and performance.

Reduces Chlorine

Integrated filter reduces 50% of free chlorine from 5,000 gallons of water before replacement is needed.

American Standard Filtered Shower System

American Standard Shower Replacement Filter

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